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31 Mar 2014

FREE Healthy Cookies “Ginny Bakes” Giveaway!

With Spring finally making its way in to New York City, it’s time to do a Spring pantry cleaning and make way for new healthy treats. It can get really tough to maintain a clean and healthy diet during Winter months and sometimes we can let ourselves go.

Fortunately though, the sun is coming out and it’s time to get back on track! The best way to phase into a cleaner eating routine is to replace any old sugary treat habits with new delicious ones that go hand in hand with a healthy lifestyle. While I was at Expo West I connected with Ginny Bakes, a gluten-free organic baked goods company dedicated to serving health-conscious individuals.
I tried some cookies and I am hooked!

 Ginny Bakes Cookies Skinnybytara Giveaway

Ginny Bakes has it all from double chocolate chip cookies to almond biscotti and wow are they delicious. These are the perfect treats to keep in the house when you are looking for something to satisfy your sweet tooth without packing on any pounds.

Ginny Bakes Cookies

I don’t want to keep all this goodness all to myself though, so I’m giving away a
ginnybakes basket filled with the following:

3 cookie boxes (Coconut Oatmeal, Double Chocolate, Chocolate Chip Love)

1 box of bars (Apricot)

+ A canvas bag

Ginny Bakes SkinnybyTara Yoga

Ginny Bakes Cookies are SkinnybyTara approved!

Trust me when I tell you, you’re going to love them! It’s easy to WIN:

1. Follow @SkinnybyTara on Instagram and/or Facebook

2. Follow @GinnyBakes on Instagram and/or Facebook

3. Share this post OR #Regram the image on Instagram/Facebook.


Visit to learn more about these delectable treats.


Love always,

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14 Mar 2014

Introducing The Best New Snack Bar: Tara Bites (ChocoCherryCrumble)

I’ll have to admit. I was never much of a snack “bar” person.

I rarely went into the store to pick up a protein or meal replacement
bar, simply because it never really appealed to me.. that is until I visited the
Natural Foods Expo in 2012 and was inundated with samples after samples
of bars. And right then and there I think I fell in love. Hard!

What happened next? I created my own. And now it’s your turn to fall in love.

Tara Bites is my new line of guilt-free indulgences starting with the Tara Bites Bar. 

Our first flavor is the perfect balance of chocolate, cherries, and crumble infused with healthy goodness.
The bars are certified Vegan, enrolled in the Non-GMO project, and undergoing Gluten-Free certifications.

At under 190 calories, Tara Bites is the ideal go-to breakfast, pre/post workout, or anytime snack to fuel
you with nutrient-rich Omega-3 Fatty acids, fiber, and flavor. I formulated the bar based on my background as a holistic health coach, yogi, and nutrition expert, so it is 100% clean and pure.

You’ll be taken at the first bite. Look out for our official launch in stores and online coming soon.
In the meantime, follow us on Instagram @TaraBites, Twitter @TaraBitesBar, and Facebook Tara Bites.

Tara Bites Social Media

Where do you want to see Tara Bites Bars?

*Do you want to review Tara Bites? Send you social media links to

14 Mar 2014

Expo West: 2014 Health Food Trends

From quinoa to kale to chia seeds, it’s hard to keep up with the season’s hot new superfoods.
Just like fashion trends change from season to season, so do food trends.
Lucky you, you are getting the report firsthand after my trip to
the Natural Products Expo 
Sunny California!


The Natural Products Expo West is a mecca of natural food and beauty brands, buyers, and 
innovators showcasing their newest products and flavors. Big brands like KIND Snacks and Chobani 
are there, alongside lesser known brands (equally as delicious) like Go RAW and Alive
and Radiant. The event is open to exhibitors, buyers, healthcare practitioners, and a 
limited number of attendees interested in walking around and tasting everything there
is to be tasted, which brings me to my next point. You. Must. Go. Hungry. Brands pawn
all of their latest flavor formulations on to you, one tasting better after the next. Good
thing there is a lot of walking to walk off the amazing treats you get to taste from coconut
waters, green juices, chia concoctions, raw chocolates, vegan macaroons, brussel sprout
chips, sprouted nuts, fake meat tacos, coconut bacon, walnut brownies, macadamia nut
cookies, raw kale chips, aspartame-free gum, adult gummies, sunflower seed snacks, and 
the list goes on. Yup, all this amazingness does exist in one place. And it’s heaven here.

Expo West
But now, lets get down to business. I attended the show 2 out of the 3 days and got to meet
some amazing people in the industry, including Brad of Brad’s Raw Chips and some
other familiar faces. Treat after treat I studied the popular trends that you need to look
out for in the coming months listed below, in no particular order.

What’s In?

-Non-GMO Verification seals

-Pumpkin Seeds as a base

-Plant-based protein of all kinds
With the exception of cricket flour and turkey bars

-Coconut chips are the new kale chip

-Cauliflower is the new kale

-Savory Bars: BBQ and Jalapeño Flavors

-Anything and everything Gluten Free

-Anything and everything Coconut (Chips, Juices, Yogurts, Waters)

What’s Out?

-Kale is not as prominent as it used to be

-Very little tofu and soy products

-Whey Protein, Meat, and Dairy 
(who am I kidding, these have been out of style for a while!)


I am also delighted to announce the launch of Tara Bites (Real. Food. Snacks)at the Expo next year. For more information on my mouthwatering clean eatingnutrition bar formulated just for you, follow @TaraBites on Instagram and @TaraBitesBar on Twitter.

Which trends do you see coming out? Which trends are you looking forward to?

Can’t wait to hear!

Love always,

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13 Mar 2014

3 Reasons To Stay Hydrated & My Fave Water Bottle


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